Greece Taxis

Greek taxis are very cheap by European standards. All licensed taxis are equipped with metres (the fare is charged per km) and display a card detailing the latest valid tariffs and surcharges. In certain tourist areas, you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination; thus, before boarding a taxi make sure to seek information from another source on the exact fare for the journey. Before using a taxi, you should also be aware of the following:
*Charge per km
  • For taxis throughout the country : € 0.40 (Tariff 1) and € 0.75 (Tariff 2). Also € 1,10 for initial charge (flagdown rate). Minimum charge is 3 Euro
  • For rural taxis throughout the country : € 0.28 per km if the passenger is to return to the point of hire (Return trip Tariff 1) and € 0.56 per km in case he does not return to the point of hire (Single trip Tariff 2)
*Other surcharges:
  • Waiting time per hour: € 10,10
  • Passengers' luggage: € 0.30 for every piece of luggage weighing over 10 kg
*Late night surcharge: € 0.75 Tariff 2, applying from 24:00 - 05: 00 hrs
*Surcharges from airport, ferry, railway or intercity coach terminals
  • From railway, port and intercity coach terminals: € 1
  • From/to “ Eleftherios Venizelos” Athens International Airport 3,30 euro, “ Macedonia ” Thessaloniki Airport : € 2.50 and other airports 2 euro.
  • Radio taxi extra charge: € 1.65 (simple call), € 5 (appointed time & place).
*Minimum charge: € 3 for Athens and Piraeus
*Taxi driver's obligations:
  • He should carry passenger's luggage from the pavement to the vehicle and vice versa.
  • He is not entitled to deny you a ride and cannot pick up extra passengers without your permission.
  • Passenger may request a waiting time up to 15 minutes, or more if there is a serious reason.
  • Upon passenger's request, the driver is obliged to issue an invoice stating the route and metred fare paid.