Greece road network

Greece's road network covers 117,000 kilometres in total (mainland and islands) and can be divided into the following categories:
  • Motorways
  • National roads and highways
  • Main road network (road connections between prefectures)
  • Asphalted roads
  • Main dirt roads (connecting communities)
  • Other dirt roads (forest roads, rough roads, secondary connections)
The main road axes are listed below, followed by the European road number in brackets:
Athens- Thessaloniki (E 75 )
Athens- Corinth (E 94 )
Corinth- Patras (E 65 )
Corinth-Tripoli- Kalamata (E 65 )
Patras-Pyrgos-Oly mpia (E 55 )
Thessaloniki-Kavala- Alexandroupoli (E 90 )
Igoumenitsa-Alexandroupoli (Egnatia Odos Motorway)
Chania-Agios Nikolaos ( Crete E 75)
The capitals of most prefectures are connected to each other by a dense network of bus services . The intercity coach service (KTEL) operates vehicles that meet all modern technical specifications for the safe and pleasant transport of passengers. Click here for more detailed information on bus connections, itineraries and fares, as well as on the exact departure and arrival points ( )