Greece air connections

Nowadays there are 44 airports operating in Greece which fall into three categories:
-State International Airports
-State Domestic Airports
-Municipal Airports
  • International connections
    The 15 State International Airports accommodate airplanes of scheduled and non- scheduled airlines (especially during the summer) as well as charter flights, and handle approximately 82% of the tourists who arrive annually in our country.
  • Domestic Connections
    Apart from the 15 State International Airports, which cater for domestic flights as well, there are also 25 State Domestic Airports all over the country handling domestic flights.
    Domestic flights are conducted by Olympic Airlines , Aegean Airlines and Sky Express. During the summer months, due to the increased passenger traffic, the above-mentioned companies carry out extra flights to the existing destinations while they also include in their programmed flights direct connections between popular tourist destinations.  For this reason, it would be wise to obtain information either from the air companies or your tour operator before booking.