Easter Vibes

A Journey into tradition

  • Elysium small ship
  • Elysium Cabin
  • Elysium Deck
  • Athens Parthenon
  • Delphi Oracle
  • Ancient Olympia
  • Zakynthos island, Navagio beach



Sail the Greek seas of ancient mythological creatures and Gods, while you re-invent yourself. Visit pristine coves and beaches only accessible by small boat, discover one of the oldest civilisations in the world, learn a new craft, have a massage, meditate at sunset, enjoy a glass of chilled wine, hike a volcano, fish with locals, snorkel, stargaze, read a book. You decide. Greece awaits to soothe your soul and excite your senses aboard the Elysium.

Never before has there been a truly boutique cruise ship completely dedicated to a synergy of wellbeing and deeply experiential voyages and your time on board the Elysium will be nothing short of spectacularly unique, nothing like you have ever experienced before on a cruise.

A fusion of relaxation, wellness, learning, discovering and fun.

With only 25 cocooning staterooms, a spa, a gym, a deliciously healthy Mediterranean cuisine, an array of unparalleled cultural experiences and carefully designed wellness activities, the Elysium will pamper you, spoil you and transform you forever.

Based on our Elixir Balance© concept, every ELYSIUM cruise offers many activities options to mix and match and create a tailor-made journey. In addition to the various cultural and experiential activities, throughout the cruise, guests have the opportunity to do yoga, pilates and meditation sessions, enjoy a massage at our spa or choose among a selection of water toys and water sports options.
Our onboard Wellness Coach and our Cruise Concierge will help you put together the best suited plan for you. Exquisite farm-to-table meals, refreshing drinks, cocktails and fine wines will complement the unique boutique cruise experience.

Vessel Type: Boutique Cruise Ship / Mega Yacht
Length Overall: 63.8 M - Breadth: 12.5 M - Draft: 3.42 M - Gross Tonnage: 1,610 T
Cruising Speed: 10 knots – Passenger cabins: 25 - Guests: 49 - Crew: 24-28

Departure port: Marina Zea (Piraeus)
Departure date: April 19

Day 1             Marina zeas
Day 2             Tinos
Day 3             Mykonos
Day 4             Patmos
Day 5             Naxos - Paros
Day 6             Antiparos
Day 7             Sifnos
Day 8             Marina Zeas

Easter, or Pascha in Greek, is the most important religious holiday of the Orthodox Church and holds a special place in the heart of Greeks. Most of the customs practiced in Greece at Easter originated in the very distant past and were later adapted as Christianity spread. Easter time in Greece is a truly immersive experience, where the visitor is no mere observer of the landscape or events, but an active participant in the land’s social and cultural life. The colors and sounds of spring make it an even more mesmerizing experience.

The whole journey is an immersion into Greek Easter customs and traditions.
Relaxing & Fun: 
Swimming, snorkeling, water sports, cocktail lounging, leisurely discovery walks, board games
Hiking trails, scuba diving
Wellness & Fitness: 
Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions, spa treatments, aquarobics, gym
Ancient ruins, churches and monasteries, excavation sites, museums, Cycladic architecture
Photography walk, Greek cooking class at local home
Pristine beaches, sea caves

*Scuba diving will be offered by our trusted providers in Naxos and Mykonos


Day 1 Holy Tuesday
Embarkation at Marina Zeas between 14:00-15:00. Enjoy a warm welcome and smooth check-in on board the Elysium, while you savor our signature cocktail. We set sail for Tinos, the “handmade island” of Cyclades. Dinner alfresco on board. After dinner, lounge with music and drinks, while you feel the soothing salty breeze on your face. Overnight at sea.
Day 2 Holy Wednesday
Wake up at Tinos, one of the most enchanting Cycladic islands. Preserved almost intact, the authentic character of its 50 villages, its traditional windmills and its sandy beaches will captivate you. Visit the church “Panagia Evangelistria”, dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and known for its many miracles. Thousands of pilgrims from Greece and overseas make their way to Tinos every year, especially during Easter Week, to pay their respects and pray for the Virgin Mary to intercede for them.  Dinner on board. Discover the island’s vibrant nightlife. Overnight at Tinos.
Day 3 Holy Thursday
Morning arrival at the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, where we drop anchor at one of its beautiful southern beaches. Lunch on board. In the evening, indulge in a sunset cocktail at Little Venice, photograph the iconic windmills or simply explore the swirling pathways of the white-washed Chora with its many elegant boutiques, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Optional excursions include visits to Paleokastro Monastery, the Maritime Museum or the Agricultural Museum. Overnight in Mykonos to enjoy its world-renowned nightlife.
Day 4 Holy Friday
Sail to Patmos, known as the island, where St. John the Baptist wrote the Apocalypse. Set out to explore on your own or go for the optional shore excursion, that will take you to the island’s main religious and spiritual landmarks. During the Orthodox Easter Holy Week, known as “Passion Week” on the island of Patmos, locals and visitors alike are immersed in a deeply mystical atmosphere leading up to Easter day. Lunch on board. Experience the unique reenactment of Christ’s Deposition from the Cross which takes place in the Monastery of St. John, a UNESCO world heritage site. The “Epitaphs” (Bier of Christ) of the island’s many churches fill the narrow, cobbled paths to finally meet at the central squares of Chora and Skala, Patmos’ port.
Overnight at sea.
Day 5 Holy Saturday
Early morning arrival at Naxos. Explore the town of Naxos or join one of the many optional shore excursions. In the afternoon we set sail to Paros, repeatedly named Europe’s best island by Travel & Leisure magazine. Discover its picturesque fishing ports, windmills and dazzling white houses. Dinner on board and preparation for the Holy Saturday. On Holy Saturday at the stroke of midnight, church bells sound all over the island and fireworks light up the sky. Return to the ship to celebrate Greek Holy Saturday with a late dinner of traditional Magiritsa soup and the customary “tsougrisma”, the cracking of red Easter eggs, which symbolizes the breaking open of the tomb and Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead: “Christ has risen!”
Day 6 Easter Sunday
Sail to the island of Antiparos, a gem of an island chosen by many celebrities, like Tom Hanks, for their low-key vacation. Discover its stunning beaches, wonderful landscape, the whitewashed Chora, the Ancient Castle and its picturesque cobblestone alleys. As tradition dictates, we spend the morning slow roasting the Easter lamb on the spit and gathering around the table to feast and celebrate Easter Sunday. On this day Greeks greet each other saying “Christos Anesti” (Christ is risen) and answer “Alithos anesti” (indeed He is risen). In the evening take some more time to explore this magnificent island and enjoy its nightlife. Overnight at Antiparos.
Day 7 Easter Monday
Morning arrival in the dreamy island of Sifnos, with its traditional, white-washed architecture, its famous hiking trails and its sizzling food scene. Hike one of the many “Sifnos trails” or choose an optional excursion to the medieval ancient castle and the most photographed spot of Sifnos, the church of Seven Martyrs. Explore Apollonia, the picturesque capital, named after the God of light Apollo. Opt for a special Greek cooking lesson experience with lunch at a local home or enjoy your lunch at one of the many local tavernas. Late night we set sail for our return. Dinner on board and overnight at sea.
Day 8
Disembarkation at Marina Zeas until 10:00, after breakfast

Optional Tours

Private Tour of Ancient Olympia, Archaeological Site and Archeological Museum
Duration 4 Hours

When you arrive in the Katakolon port, discover part of ancient Greece on a private shore excursion to Olympia. Learn about the origins of the Olympic Games as you visit the site of the former Olympic complex with your private guide. Walk around the remains of the first-ever Olympic stadium, the gymnasium, the Temple of Zeus and other ancient landmarks at the World Heritage-listed Archeological Site of Olympia and the Archeological Museum of Olympia. Then see how today’s locals live in modern Olympia as you enjoy free time to explore the city.

• Katakolon private shore excursion to Olympia
• Visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Archeological Site of Olympia
• Wander around the site of the original Olympic stadium
• See the site of the Temple of Zeus
• Enjoy free time in modern Olympia to shop or get a snack
• Private tour with knowledgeable guide ensures a more personalized experience

While your cruise ship sits in port in Katakolon, embark on a journey to ancient Greece on this private shore excursion to Olympia. Relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned private vehicle while your private tour guide shares interesting historical facts about the region.

In Olympia, walk around 2,000-year-old monuments and buildings, and imagine the splendor of ancient Olympia, described as “the most beautiful place in Greece” by the Greek orator Lysias, who was famous for his speeches circa 400 BC.

With your private guide, visit the Archaeological Site of Olympia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where numerous exhibits are on display. Marvel at the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, which once housed the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. See the remains of the first Olympic stadium, the gymnasium, the Palaestra and the Heraeon (also known as the Temple of Hera), the oldest temple in Olympia.

Discover the beginnings of the Olympic Games at the Archeological Museum before heading off to modern Olympia. Enjoy an hour of free time in the city to explore or get a snack before you return to the Katakolon port.

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