Slow Travel in Greece

What is Slow Travel? Slow Travel in Greece

Slow Travel is becoming the antidote to modern life’s fast pace. With more and more people putting emphasis on their mental health and overall wellbeing these days, travelers are seeking out vacation experiences that will allow them to relax, unwind, and set the daily stress aside for a while. Slow travel is about intentionality and connection, about spending more time at a destination to immerse yourself fully in the beauty and uniqueness of the land and its people.

Slow travel entails extended stays in one location. If you have nine days to travel, consider staying at one place and spending all of that time getting to know the area, as opposed to visiting three different cities or islands. When you get to your destinations, make the most of the chance to interact with locals. Sleep in more intimate B&Bs, eat at neighborhood eateries, and strike up conversations with store owners.

Slow travel also means taking the time to note all the little details that make a place beautiful. Slow travel might also look like choosing destinations more off the beaten path, avoiding over-toured spots. According to Pinterest’s 2024 trends report, taking it slow while traveling is becoming more popular. Over the last year, there has been a steady increase in searches for things like “slowcation hotel” (up 70%) and “slow life” (up 60%).

Andros Island, Greece

What are the benefits of slow travel?

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, traveling slowly helps you develop a closer, more thoughtful relationship with the location you’re visiting. You will probably recall the pleasant chat you had with a friendly local or how you felt after a long, leisurely lunch, but not the time you spent standing in line to visit a well-known sightseeing location.

Spending less time traveling by plane, ferry, or tour bus to see new places allows you to spend more time and money at locally sourced eateries or exploring a town and purchasing a handcrafted item that catches your eye. Additionally, selecting less-traveled locations relieves pressure on heavily visited areas with limited resources.

Greece is an ideal destination for slow, authentic travel. With its amazing history, unique culture, beautiful islands, and relaxed Mediterranean pace of life, it lends itself perfectly to savoring experiences. Explore the authentic Greek islands beyond Santorini & Mykonos. Visit & relax in the lesser known, yet still gorgeous islands Greece has to offer, with our carefully curated  Greece slow travel itineraries.