3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
Athens, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Crete (Heraklion), Santorini, Athens

  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Celestyal Olympia cruise ship
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Celestyal Olympia Suite
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Celestyal Olympia Iconic Aegean cruise
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Mykonos Little Venice
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Mykonos Island Cyclades
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Heraklion port
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Kusadasi Turkey
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Santorini island, Oia village
  • 3 Night Iconic Aegean Cruise
    Santorini Caldera


Greece and Turkey cruise with the Celestyal Olympia cruise ship.

Order a drink on the Hera deck, beside the Olympia’s sparkling pool, and watch the Aegean unfurl before your very eyes. Two lounges, five bars, three restaurants, fully-equipped Olympian Gym, the Sana Beauty Center, the Travel Value & Experiential Shopping Centers, the library and a Kids’ Club are always at your service. Celestyal Olympia can accommodate up to 1664 passengers in 724 cabins with en suite WC, TV, Radio and A/C.

There is no better way to cruise to the Greek Islands than with Celestyal Olympia. See below the available cruises dates:

MARCH 20, 27
APRIL 03, 10, 17, 24
MAY 01, 08, 15, 29
JUNE 05, 12, 19, 26
JULY 03, 10, 17, 24, 31
AUGUST 07, 14, 21, 28
SEPTEMBER 04, 11, 18, 25
OCTOBER 02, 09, 16, 23, 30
NOVEMBER 06, 13, 20, 27

Cruise prices include:
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Vegetarian Meals included)
  • Drink Package : Unlimited Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic
  • Daily Activities (Yoga, dance, etc.) Check daily schedule on board
  • 2 Excursion:
Ancient Ephesus through the ages - Hellinistic and Roman
Minoan Palace of Knossos - 1st European civilization
  • Port & Service Charges & Gratuities Included

***** Excursions in Kusadasi (Turkey) is:  Ancient Ephesus through the Ages - Hellenistic/Roman  (Approx. 3 hours)
KUS-02: Ancient Ephesus through the Ages -Hellenistic /Roman 

At Ancient Ephesus you find Immortal relics of the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian era. At the archaeological site you will be given a guided tour among the Agora, the Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the marble-paved main Street of Kouretes, the Baths of Scholastica, Trajan’s Fountain, the Public Latrines, the Residences of the Patricians, the Prytaneum, the Temple of Hadrian…
The Great Theatre, built in the 4th century B.C., could accommodate 24,000 spectators and it is famous even nowadays for its acoustics. The finds from the excavations, which have yet brought to light only 13% of ancient Ephesus, reside in the Archaeological Museum of Ephesus, in the city of Selcuk.
During the excursion you will have the opportunity to do some shopping such as carpets, jewelry, leather and other souvenirs.

And second excursion:
***** Excursions in Heraklion (Crete):  Minoan Palace of Knossos  (Approx. 3 hours)
Her-02: Minoan Palace of Knossos  1st European civilization.

The ancient city of Knossos, with constant habitation from the Neolithic era until the 5th century A.D., is beyond doubt the land that “gave birth” to the first civilization of Europe, the Minoans.
The first excavations were begun in 1878 by the Heraklian Minos Kalokairinos. A bit later (1900-1913 & 1922-1930) the excavations by the British Sir Arthur Evans were to complete the scientific research, bringing to light the Minoan palace in its entirety, which was, according to tradition, the residence of the wise King Minos.
The palace of Knossos spreads around the large Central Court. You will reach the awe inspiring Throne Room, the fresco of the “Prince of the Lilies”, the imposing Grand Staircase, the Queen’s Megaron in the east.
Walking through the apartments of the Knossos palace and observing the finds even as passers-by, you will feel part of this cultural heritage.
We will stop in Heraklion on the way back to the ship.
Heraklion was founded in 824 and is an important homeland of many contributors to Literature and Art, some examples of which are the Nobel winning poet Odysseas Elytis, the Renaissance painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco) and the writer Nikos Kazantzakis.
Heraklion is also endowed with some wonderful edifices: the “Koules” fortress, the award winning Venetian structure of the Loggia, the Morosini Fountain, the Basilica of Saint Mark, and the Church of Agios Titos. Starting the walk from Liberty square of Heraklion guests will pass by the shopping streets of Dedalou and 25th August and see the aforementioned sights along the way.



Friday Athens - Piraeus (Greece) --- 11:30
Friday *Mykonos (Greece) 18:00 23:00
Saturday Kusadusi - Ephesus (Turkey) 07:30 13:00
Saturday *Patmos (Greece) 17:00 21:30
Sunday Crete - Heraklion (Greece) 07:00 12:00
Sunday *Santorini (Greece) 16:30 21:30
Monday Athens - Piraeus (Greece) 07:00 ---

*Tendering weather permitting
Embarkation / Disembarkation possibilities also from/to Kusadasi and Crete

Day by Day Itinerary:

Friday: Greece - Athens (Piraeus)
Departure at 11:30
The bustling port of Piraeus, made famous by classic films like Never On Sunday and Stella, is a brief Metro or taxi ride from Athens. This vibrant, cosmopolitan, historically rich city is dense
with ancient monuments, chic cafés and unique shops.
Greece - Mykonos
Arrival at 18:00 / Departure at 23:00
Mykonos is a delightful island renowned for its lovely countryside and its beaches, its iconic windmills and sea breezes.
Show highlights.
Saturday: Turkey - Kusadasi
Samos :Arrival at 07:30 / Departure at 13:00
The area has been a center of art and culture since some of the earliest recorded history, and has been settled by many civilizations since being founded in 3000 BC. Kusadasi is currently one
of the finest is resort town on the Aegean coast.
Ancient Ephesus & the Terrace Houses
Ancient Ephesus through the Ages – Hellenistic/Roman
Greece - Patmos
Arrival at 17:00 / Departure at 21:30
Many believe John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelations in a mountainside grotto where he heard the voice of God. Further up the mountain, within the white walls of Hora, the monastery founded in his honor in 1088 stands sentinel above this verdant island.
Religious visit to St John's Monastery & Grotto of Apocalypse
Patmos country side tour with Hora and Grotto
Sunday: Greece - Heraklion (Crete)
Arrival at 07:00 / Departure at 12:00
Heraklion is an ancient Venetian port and the fascinating capital of Crete. Greece’s largest island is a paradise of secluded beaches, hiking trails, rivers and archaeological marvels.
Experience the Cretan Country-side and lifestyle
Minoan Palace of Knossos - 1st European Civilization
Greece – Santorini
Arrival at 16:30 / Departure at 21:30
Its incredible cliffs rise from the blue waters of the Aegean toward the azure sky. Wander around this beautiful island ot take a mini cruise to Santorini’s smaller islands and volcanoes. Explore the Akrotiri Village excavations, wander about the beautiful hilltop village of Fira, the island’s unique capital, or just relax in a café in stunning Oia Village, and watch the sunset from 300 meters above the sparkling sea. Enjoy a glass of wine with a view from the sky…
Spectacular Oia village perched on the caldera rim
Monday: Greece - Athens (Piraeus)
Arrival at 07:00 / Disembark.

Optional Tours

Santorini private guided tour - 4 hours

Visually, Santorini is the most spectacular of the isles in the Cyclades. With its brilliant flooded caldera, high cliffs and charming villages, it is the Greek Isle of everyone’s dreams. Our tour will take us to Santorini’s highest peak, crowned by the Mount Profitis Ilias Monastery. At 883 feet, Mt. Profitis Ilias rugged landscape is largely composed of volcanic rocks as a result of hundreds of eruptions during the last two million years, some of them being large caldera-forming events. Here, in this remote spot, we’ll have an ideal photo opportunity to capture the beauty of this ancient island.

We’ll discover the village of Pyrgos, which was the capital of Santorini until 1800. Here we’ll be able to admire the beautiful old houses and the Venetian Fortress crowned by several churches.

Our half-day tour then takes us to one of the island’s most famous traditional wineries. Viniculture is an ancient art in Santorini, and the fact that vines thrive at all is amazing considering the fact that the island has limited water resources. But the volcanic soil is an excellent medium for producing grapes, especially the Assyrtiko grape – a rare, white variety.

After our visit, we’ll drive through the countryside to visit Oia. This traditional Greek village of whitewashed cubes is perched impossibly high on cliffs at the north west tip of the island. Here, take in the stunning views of the island from one of the charming cafés or stroll above the rooftops of the homes carved into the cliffs and gaze into the deep blue waters of the caldera far below.

From Oia village, we’ll return to the cliff top town of Fira. Our tour ends here.
Mykonos Private Island Tour - 4 hours
Mykonos - Labyrinth and Landscape... A pearl in the Aegean Sea - blue sky, beautiful snow- white houses, lovely beaches everywhere...
Starting the City-and Island tour by walking the small and narrow streets, we have many possibilities to take nice photographs in the early morning, quiet city.
We get orientation and information in the labyrinth of the old town as well as impressions of the small port and the churches in town. Of course we will see the famous wind-mills and find Petros The Pelecan, the mascot of Mykonos.
After this we are exploring the island with a bus, visiting some of the most famous beaches and the inner land- scape. We see fishermen and kaikis, small private chapels and houses built in typical cycladic style.
In the second main village of Mykonos, Ano Mera, an idyllic place 6km from town, where the guests have enough free time for a stroll around the traditional square and they can visit the monk monastery Panagia Tourliani built in the 16th century.
Next stop is Kalafatis beach were there is time to relax a little and have a coffee or a refreshment (not included in the price), before going back to town and to reach a place with a fantastic view all over the town and neigh- bour islands.
A Half-Day-Trip with a lot of impressions and useful information!

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