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Kivotos of Aegean Travel
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About us

"We make your vacation planning process easy and from the heart"
Kivotos of Aegean is a Greek DMC boutique travel and tourism company, offering a wide range of itineraries for your vacation in the beautiful eastern Mediterranean. Since 1999, we offer travel packages and itineraries in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Our passion for travel, our personalized 24 hour service, our knowledge of the area, our proud record of satisfied guests, are some of the reasons that guarantee a memorable vacation.

With more than 25 years in the Greece Tourism market, we have introduced countless numbers of people to the pleasures of travel in Greece. trip advisor excellence certificate for Kivotos Travel With increasingly individualized and diversified traveler demand, Kivotos of Aegean offers satisfaction in travel pleasures suited to a whole new age. We constantly propose new travel styles which anticipate changes in traveler values and lifestyles.

In rapid response to the changing times, we provide a rich range of readily appreciated variations on travel themes. We have a proud record of satisfying customer needs with our popular packages which include mainland Greece and the Greek islands.

Furthermore we offer Greece custom made travel plans, luxury packages, wedding and honeymoon packages in the Greek islands.
Our extensive knowledge of Greece, our professional staff, and our excellent cooperation with the quality orientated hotels and other providers, ensure that our clients will receive a high level of service.

Why us?

  • We are a legal Greek Travel Company
  • We are certified by the Greek National Tourist Organization
  • We have been offering travel services in Greece since 1999
  • 24/7 Tangible and reliable travel assistance
  • We have a proud record of satisfied customers with reviews on TripAdvisor

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The Team

Nikos Zafiriou

Nikos Zafiriou
Director / Founder

Panos Zafiriou

Panos Zafiriou
Manager / Specialist travel consultant

Maria Renieri

Maria Renieri
Public relations / Events manager

Aphrodite Moumtzidou

Aphrodite Moumtzidou
Specialist travel consultant

Our Travel Sites

We have an entire series of online travel sites, each with a regional flavor for the destination. Each of these guides provides Vacation Packages; Tours ; Travel Tips; Resort, Hotel and Lodge listings; Reviews; Photos and General Travel Information for the Destination. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with the following services in Greece:
  • Conferences, Incentives, Events
  • Holiday packages
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Luxury holidays
  • Weddings in Santorini
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Air & ferry tickets
  • Car hire
Kivotos of Aegean Travel is a privately owned Greek travel agency.
We are officially licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.
By Greek law it is obligatory to be licensed by the Greek Ministry of tourism in order to be a legitimate provider of travel services in Greece.