Honeymoon in Greece

Honeymoon in Greece and the Greek Islands - Packages and Cruises

Your romantic Greece honeymoon is one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Share your dreams with us, and we will deliver an impressive specially tailored itinerary for you and the love of your life.
There is something utterly captivating about Greece and the Greek islands. The simple beauty, the sun kissed beaches, the mythology, the rich history, superb natural landscapes, and the dazzling light!
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What are the best places to honeymoon in Greece 

Wondering how to organize an amazing honeymoon in the Mediterranean after your wedding? These travel ideas can make you the perfect honeymooners in Greece!
Greece is a popular destination for weddings! You can find amazing locations to organize a perfect marriage next to a beach. Today many hotels offerto couples who stay for some nights amazing prices for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. So, it is an incredible opportunity to have both a memorable wedding and a romantic honeymoon. The top 3 destinations for a marriage to remember are Santorini, Zante, Crete!
Do you like cruising? Cruises in Mediterranean is a dream come true. Imagine beautiful beaches, memorable sunsets, cute restaurants, transfers all-inclusive to many famous sightseeing and so on. Did you know that Greek islands are a unique phenomenon as it includes more than 6,000 islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas? From this astonished number, it is inhabited less than 5%!But still the landscape is breathtaking: sandy beaches for miles and miles, coastal caves full of mystery, coastal wetlands…Don’t miss the opportunity to explore them by island hopping! Explore as many islands as you can! You are honeymooners after all! This is your moment!

Combine your honeymoon in Greece with a unique culinary experience

Greek food is a must! Vegan, vegetarians, pescatarians and omnivores will get to know traditional flavors that satisfy everyone! Amazing Greek dishes like mouzaka, tzatziki, Greek salad and so on! Visit local restaurants, wine bars, cute taverns and get to know the traditional kitchen. No matter in which island you will be, this food never disappoints you!
A wine tour through the majestic wineries on the Greek islands is something you will never forget. Greece is the land of Dionysos, god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. The Aegean islands carry a real winemaking tradition and have been producing numerous quality wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the wineries on every island you visit. Do not forget you are honeymooners once in your lifetime so don’t miss this chance to organize a perfect trip in Greece!
Honeymoon is a journey to remember. What’s best than relaxing at a beach together far away from pretty much everyone and everything else, drinking wine and living your romance? So, whatever you choose do not forget to enjoy your Greece honeymoons! After all, if you are together, you will have fun everywhere, don’t you?