Chania City Tour

2,5 hrs walk

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Duration: 2,5 hrs
Start Time: 17:30pm
Days: Sat/Tue/Thu

This specially designed tour around the old town and Venetian port will reveal
Chania's status as a cultural crossroads. Our walk will allow you to visit the most
important sites, such as the Venetian fortifications, the Arsenals, the 1860 Greek
Orthodox Cathedral, the 1879 Roman Catholic cathedral, the Etz Hayyim Synagogue,
and the Turkish quarters behind the inner harbour. The tour will also bring out plenty of
hidden spots off the beaten track, which reflect the mix of influences that has given
Chania its very unique atmosphere.
A walk through time, the tour promises to help you gain an understanding of how the
city's multilayered history has unfolded. While it has been well researched and
planned, it is designed to be informal and "loosely" organised to allow for flexibilities
that can add to your pleasure.