Tastes of Crete

hands-on cooking short day tour

  • Tastes of Crete
  • Tastes of Crete
  • Tastes of Crete
The tour is running from May 10th till September 30th on Tuesdays & Saturdays
Children under 15 yrs old can only join a private tour.
Included: Transport with deluxe mini coach, English speaking guide, market visit with tastings
hands-on cooking class, full lunch with wine, souvenir booklet with recipes cooked Pick up from your hotel in / near Chania : 09.00am – 09.30am (depending on location)
Duration : +/- 5 hrs
Group size : min 4 - max 8 participants

Tastes of Crete is a hands-on journey through Crete’s culinary traditions for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. An insight into regional cuisine, a key element of the island’s culture, this creative market to table activity highlights the simple, seasonal foods of Crete. Friendly and informal, it features a visit to the lively local market, with tastings, followed by hands-on instruction and lunch at a 17th century farmhouse surrounded by organic gardens, just a short drive from Chania. The location has been selected for its character and ambience, which makes for a perfect backdrop. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, guests discover how to prepare a number of Cretan dishes under the directions of a local cook. Those who prefer to take a less active role may choose to just relax and appreciate the atmosphere. Our fun experience culminates at the table, where together, drinking Cretan wines, we will enjoy the food and the company.