Romantic Honeymoon Suites - Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts in Greece

Romantic Honeymoon Suites - Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts in Greece
When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important things that the couple must take care of is definitely the honeymoon trip. They need to pick the right destination as well as the right hotel, preferably one that will make this unique trip not just really fun but also unforgettable. That however is not as easy as it may seem. Although picking a destination can prove to be somewhat easy – we all have a dream destination be it an exotic island or even the Greek islands in Greece or another European holiday resort and a honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to visit such a destination. The same can’t be said about hotels.

Although it’s true that nowadays thanks to the internet we have quick access to thousands of hotel listings and reviews, picking a hotel for ANY trip can prove to be problematic. For example, the reviews tend to be very contradictory in some sites with some guests claiming that their stay was perfect and others saying that they went through a vacation in hell… Which are the reviews that one should trust? Then there’s the issue of room rates since most good hotels, tend to be quite expensive and this cost combined with that of the trip itself can cause the overall cost of the honeymoon to skyrocket. 

It goes without saying that during the honeymoon every couple wants their stay to be as romantic and as trouble-free as possible. Nothing can kill the mood like a dirty room or amenities that weren’t quite as advertised. The good news is that hotels now that, which is why a lot of them team up with travel agencies and offer special wedding packages. Those packages are certainly not something new and most couples know about them, what they don’t seem to know however, is what the honeymoon amenities mentioned in many brochures are.

With that in mind, this article will try to answer the question “just what are honeymoon amenities, anyway?” so that you will know what to expect and look for when booking your stay for your honeymoon trip, no matter where the trip’s destination may be. So, let’s start with the basics:

What are honeymoon amenities?

Let’s start by clarifying what hotel amenities are in general. In short, they are the items and services that the hotel offers to its guests. Those range from the furniture of the room to the hotel’s breakfast, swimming pool and other facilities. In order to make a honeymooning couple’s stay as memorable as possible, hotels tend to offer some special amenities, usually free of charge. So, what are the best amenities and some of the most common ones? Let’s find out!

Specially decorated rooms

Most hotels have special rooms that are reserved for honeymooners which are usually referred to as honeymoon suites. Those rooms tend to be a lot bigger and more luxurious when compared to other rooms in the same hotel and they usually have the best view, especially if the hotel is located in a seaside location or in a place famous for its vistas. When it comes to booking a honeymoon trip via a travel agency, it goes without saying that the honeymoon suite will be the first room that

Free upgrades

Hoteliers are not heartless people. Sure, they are profit oriented businessmen but they still have feelings and they don’t couples on their honeymoon to not enjoy a truly unforgettable stay. This means that if they find out that a newlywed couple is staying at their hotel but not in the honeymoon suite, they will try to upgrade the room free of charge or offer a significant discount. An executive suite might not be as romantic as a honeymoon suite, but it still beats a regular room!

Welcome packages

Even of the hotel isn’t all that luxurious and it doesn’t have any honeymoon or executive suites, the staff will definitely welcome you in a special way. Newlyweds will definitely find wine baskets and other goodies and local delicacies waiting for them in their room when they arrive.

Romantic dinners

What’s more romantic than a nice candlelit dinner in a restaurant or a hotel room with the best view in the area? Hoteliers seem to think that the answer to the question above is simple: “nothing”, which is why they offer romantic dinners free of charge to newlywed couples in heir suites or at the best tables of the hotel’s restaurant. Those are usually gourmet meals we are talking about and in some cases – depending on how luxurious the hotel is – they might throw in something more exotic such as champagne and strawberries. This will definitely be the best and most romantic that you and your partner will enjoy for a very long time.

Breakfast in bed

It is a well-known fact that most hotels charge extra their customers who would like to have their breakfast in bed, regardless of whether the breakfast is included in the price of the room or not. This does not apply to newlyweds! If you are on your honeymoon, then chances are that you will want to enjoy your breakfast in bed, away from the hustle and bustle of the breakfast room, which is why most hotels will bring it up to your room free of charge.

Spa treatments

Planning a wedding can be very stressful which is why the honeymoon trip should be as relaxing as possible. Hotels know that and they offer complimentary spa treatments to newlyweds staying there. Those treatments might range from massage and aromatherapy sessions all the way to special beauty treatments. If you want to get rid of the stress of wedding planning, then booking a hotel which offers free spa treatments to honeymooners for your honeymoon trip is essential.