What happens in a wedding after the honeymoon phase

What happens in a wedding after the honeymoon phase
The honeymoon trip is the trip that takes place after a couple’s wedding day and it is definitely one of the most important trips that this couple will take. Not only is it a time when they will relax after all troubles and the stress of planning for a wedding, but they will also get to know each other better because chances are that the couple hasn’t been alone in a rather exotic location before. In other words, it’s one of the happiest periods in the lives of the members of a given couple, which is why everyone wants their honeymoon trip to be as unforgettable as possible. If you like honeymoon in Greece and Greek Islands, check these amazing honeymoon Greek packages in this link.

There is however one thing that worries many people who are about to embark on a honeymoon trip and even people who are already on their honeymoon: what happens once the honeymoon is over? This is a question that all couples – regardless of whether they are married or not – need to ask themselves, since it is essential for the couple’s future together. The answers might be uncomfortable, but they are necessary. But just what is the so called "honeymoon phase"?

What is the honeymoon phase?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the aforementioned term is definitely the honeymoon trip which takes place right after the wedding ceremony, like we said earlier, right? Well, things are just a bit more complicated. The term honeymoon is used metaphorically and for psychologists and relationship experts it means the period in a couple’s relationship where they are still discovering new things about each other and everything about them being together feels new and exciting. The phase ends once the couple becomes too intimate with each other, when in other terms they become bored. This can happen simply because they spend too much time together or because they got to know each other TOO well.

A honeymoon trip is perhaps the last time when the couple will get to be truly alone and intimate and therefore the last time when the two partners will perhaps get to discover new things about each other. Once they get back, their lives will go back to the routine of their every day existence and boredom could soon set in. This is why the very thought of the honeymoon trip ending is something that worries a lot of couples.

Just what happens when the honeymoon phase ends?

To put it bluntly, the couple’s members have to decide whether they still want to be together or not. It’s not uncommon for someone to lose interest in their partners once said period is over, simply because they are not exciting enough any more. These people are likely to look for a new partner and cheat on their significant other or even end the relationship. This is something that happens pretty often, but it is not GUARANTEED to happen. There are ways to help a relationship get through that post-honeymoon phase period. In fact, if the couple manages to overcome that obstacle, then each member has truly found "the one". 

Give a little space

OK, this is important! In the words of a pop song “you can’t be missed, if you never go away”. What this means is simple, if you feel like you are seeing too much of someone, then the best thing to do is to spend some time apart. That doesn’t of course going on a Ross and Rachel type break – we all know how big of a success that was - but perhaps start spending a bit less time together. Each can get a hobby that doesn’t require the other to be present or they can spend time enjoying their own personal favorite shows on Netflix or whatnot. Just and try and spend a little less time together, it can make a world of difference.

Take up a shared activity

OK, that might seem to be contradicting out previous tip, but let us explain ourselves. In some cases, it may not be possible for the couple to spend time apart because of various reasons that may have to do with the place they live in to the absence of a wide social circle or even unique hobbies. It’s not unusual for couples to be into the same things. So, if you can’t spend time apart, try spending time together doing something completely new, something that you have never done before and you probably never thought you would do. Try taking up a sport, the more “extreme” the better. Martial arts can be a good place to start. What’s important is that you are together and doing something new and exciting, this excitement can easily find its way into your life and relationship.

Go on date nights

Most married couples have so-called “date nights” and they are working wonders for their relationships, but what are date nights? Simply put, they are nights when both members of the couples get dressed to the nines and hit the town for a night of fun. They go for a romantic dinner and a movie, drinks and dancing and basic they do everything they would have done if they had just met. This simulation of the time before getting married is enough to breathe new life in a relationship. It’s actually better if you don’t leave the house together, you can have your significant other pick you up from work, for example.

Change things up in the bedroom

This piece of advice is a bit clichéd, but there is a reason for that: it’s really effective! We are not talking about going on full BDSM with your partner, although some couples are known to tray some light bondage and find it exciting – but you can try simpler things such as role-playing or new positions or even some exotic lingerie. Spicing up your sex life might spice up your relationship and make your partner feel new again.

Seek help

If nothing seems to work but both you and your partner feel like giving your relationship another chance, then perhaps a visit to a relationship expert or couples’ therapist might be just what the doctor ordered, no pun intended!