Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Greece and Greek islands

Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Greece and Greek islands

Top destinations for your Honeymoon in the Greek islands

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“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved”. The famous quote from French novelist George Sand says it all. We all need love in our life and what can be described as the best time in the life of a couple in love, is definitely the honeymoon trip! You want to
remember it for a lifetime and you want to live it in the perfect place.
Greece and the Greek islands is your perfect Honeymoon destination! The bright sun, the blue sea, the colorful landscape, the rich history, the delicious food, the tempting wine will make your honeymoon unforgettable. Further to its natural beauty, Greece offers to honeymooners modern amenities, luxury accommodation, high class services and the true and only Greek hospitality, known and preserved from the ancient times… Santorini and Mykonos -the beautiful and cosmopolitan Greek islands, Athens -the historic capital, Chania and Rhodes –the medieval towns, are some of the places to choose for the Greece honeymoon vacation of your dreams! So, let’s see the top honeymoon destinations in Greece:

Santorini island

Blessed with a unique and wild beauty, Santorini is only a small island of the Aegean sea, but yet the most popular wedding and honeymoon destination of the world! Rightfully so, as it combines so many contradictory characteristics. Luxury and cosmopolitan on one hand, mysterious and romantic on the other. What to be pointed first? The famous caldera with the astonishing views? The small white houses –now turned into deluxe hotels- that nest on the rims of the cliffside? The small balconies that seem to swing on the air? The magical sunset that turns the horizon into a canvas of an impressionist painter? The hundreds orthodox churches with the blue domes? The narrow alleys of the medieval villages that hide hospitable cafes and tavernas? Or the red and sweet “vinsanto” wine, a proper fit for the sweetest days of your life? No, the right question is a different one: Why not choosing Santorini as your honeymoon destination?

Mykonos island

 A hot spot of the international jet set, Mykonos is a place for demanding travelers. If you want to spend your honeymoon in the most luxury and glamorous manner, this is the place to be! Book a suite in one of the 5 star deluxe hotels that offer the highest class of service and let yourself sink into pleasure… Yet, no one said that honeymoon should be a boring, indoor, hotel experience. In Mykonos you will enjoy the non-stop nightlife, the wild beach parties, the endless shopping at the fashion boutiques and you will celebrate the new chapter of your life with a drink or two. It could be a cocktail in one of the hundreds bars and clubs of the town, or a glass of champagne at the famous Psarrou beach. Besides, a famous couple may also celebrate its honeymoon next to you: Are they Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston lying at the sunbeds next to us? They have got married -and divorced- already? Well, do you want to bet that they could book a –second- honeymoon trip very soon?

Athens city

Not many cities in the world can boast for their ancient history, their modern culture, their vivid nightlife, their mixed west and east culture. Or for a 2000 years old Acropolis standing high above the city as its precious crown… Athens has it all. And more. Recently discovered and appreciated by tourists again, the historic capital of Greece earns the bet of the transition from its emblematic past to an exciting future. Noisy and intense, lively and colorful will compensate and attract you. Music scenes and live bands, modern clubs and sophisticated bars, theatrical shows and culture events operate on a daily basis. Acropolis and the Parthenon, the archaeological museums and sites, Plaka and Monastiraki district will travel you back to the past. Newly built “Stavros Niarhos” Cultural centre will show you the future. And if you finish exploring the city, visit the beautiful Saroric islands, book a day trip to Delphi site or to Epidaurus ancient theatre and… You want more? No need for more. You will not get bored, I promise…

Chania town (Crete island)

Greek, Venetian and Turkish architecture, Orthodox churches, Ottoman mosques, a Venetian lighthouse, a beautiful old city, a scenic harbor. Crete’s most beautiful town, Chania, is an ideal destination for a relaxed honeymoon. Town is full of attractions: Walk in the narrows streets of the old venetian city, enjoy lunch or dinner at a waterfront restaurant, visit the Kucuk Hasan Pasha mosque and the naval museum, buy souvenirs at the local craft shops. Food is plenty and delicious, as everywhere in Crete, and the local products will tempt you to taste them. Furthermore, swim at the white sand beaches, explore the nearby villages and hike Samaria Gorge. Last but not least, hug your sweetheart and enjoy an evening stroll by the sea at the picturesque pier…

Rhodes island

We all feel like kings and princess now and then. For sure we feel it during our honeymoon, at the side of our beloved lover. What better place to live the feeling, than at the Knights’ island! No, I do not mean Malta, but another Mediterranean island where knights were once lived: Rhodes, the capital of Dodecanese islands, is a popular summer destination for its sandy beaches and the emerald waters. Rhodes attracts tourists nowadays, as it used to attract cultures back in the past. Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Turks, Venetians left their footprint at the island, and monuments to remember them. The Palace of the Knights dominates the city, which is otherwise a modern and cosmopolitan capital. Visit also the ancient acropolis of Lindos, the famous Butterfly valley, the bars in Faliraki, the Aquarium, the nearby scenic islands. Big resorts at the beaches guarantee a luxury stay, but you can still stay at a hidden gem in the old town. Don’t forget to take a look at the deer that guard Mandraki port. Imagine that Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, once stood there…

Milos island

Exotic beaches, lunar rock formations, crystal blue waters, peace and tranquility away from the masses of tourists... Milos, known as “the island of the lovers”, is for you who just want romance and serenity. Why island of the lovers? If the above did not convinced you, then you should know that the statue of Aphrodite was discovered here. Yes, Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love… Small villages, fishing ports, white-washed churches and houses, unique natural beauty, and literally dozens of fairytale beaches and bays. Milos is the place to fall in love and all you need is a good book, a shade under the rocks and the love of your life lying next to you…

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