How to celebrate your honeymoon

How to celebrate your honeymoon
It is a well-known that most couples plan their honeymoon with the same zeal and joy that they plan for their wedding ceremony and reception. Why is that? Well the reason is simple: this will be the first trip that the bride and groom will take as an “official” couple and it is also their chance to relax after the madness of planning a wedding, which is definitely one of the most stressful tasks that most people will ever undertake. The first thing on a couple’s mind regarding their honeymoon is the destination of the trip and the hotel they will be staying. This is the easy part. 

It goes without saying that for most couples the honeymoon trip’s destination will be a place that they both really wanted to visit. Traditional honeymoon destinations are tropical islands such as the Maldives, exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka and even Latin America and the famous honeymoon in the Greek islands. As far as hotels are concerned, there will definitely be some in the couple’s chosen destination that provide special rooms and amenities to newlyweds. Again, choosing a destination and a hotel for a honeymoon is the easy part. Finding out what to actually DO during your honeymoon is the hard part.

A lot of couple are actually very curious about how honeymoon is celebrated, which is to say that they don’t seem to know what couples do during this once in a time vacation, other than have sex. So, let’s see how couples spend their time during the honeymoon and see what you should do and what you should expect to happen during this special trip.

Is it all about sex?

The answer to the above question might actually surprise you! Although young people tend to spend most of their time in their honeymoon trip between the sheets, couples over 30 and 40 do not seem to be all about sex during their honeymoon. They seem to care more about relaxing in their hotel and enjoying their destination. For most couples over 30 sex will only happen once a day and it is not uncommon for couples to actually not have sex at all during this time! All in all, this is the first trip that you and your husband or wife will enjoy as a married couple, it’s a shame to spend it all in a hotel room, why travel half the way across the world to do that? 

You will get to know your significant other better

Believe it or not, even couples that had been together for more than five years have said that they have discovered things that they didn’t know about their spouses during this unique trip. Those things might range from character traits – like finding out that someone is good with animals, even exotic ones – to some rather quirky skills, for example one bride has said that during their honeymoon trip to Hawaii she found out that her husband was really good at driving on badly maintained country roads, something that he never had to do where they were staying. 

You can and should enjoy relaxing activities together

Planning for a wedding can be very stressful like we said earlier and a honeymoon trip is definitely the right occasion to relax, which is why spa treatments and other relaxing activities such as massages for couples, saunas and aromatherapy sessions are enjoyed by couples during this once in a lifetime trip. It goes without saying that you should try and do the same, chances are that your hotel might actually offer you some of those treatments free of charge. It is said that men don’t like these treatments, but this saying has been proven wrong many times and couple massages and spa treatments are some of the most memorable activities that a couple will enjoy during their honeymoon. 


Nowadays a lot of people are looking after themselves and they are on strict diets. In other words, they always try to eat healthy and they avoid junk-food and “useless” foods such as chocolate and other sweets. Well, if you are like that, then your honeymoon is definitely the time to let loose and spend a few days living without any rules. Remember, it’s all about making your trip as memorable as possible and what can be more memorable than enjoying all the foods you love but have been avoiding all this time along with your significant other? It goes without saying that you can return to your strict diet upon your return but during those few precious days that you will spend away from your everyday life, try to not have any silly limitations. A burger or a huge piece of chocolate cake won’t kill you!

Watch a sunrise

Chances are that you and your partner have witnessed many sunsets together, especially if you are both romantic types, but how many sunrises have you witnessed? Sunrises are as beautiful as sunsets and perhaps even more romantic because they tend to be more quiet and intimate. You will rarely get the chance to experience a sunrise with your significant other, so try to do that during your honeymoon trip. You can stay up all night enjoying a bottle of fine wine – and each other – and talking or you can just set your alarm. Either way, make sure that you enjoy at least one sunrise together, especially if your room has an amazing view of the sea!

Be playful and adventurous in the bedroom

OK, we may have said that honeymoon trips are usually not all about sex, but chances are that you will want to “knock boots” with your significant other during this trip. It is highly suggested that you are a bit more adventurous in bed during a honeymoon trip in order to once again make the whole experience as memorable as possible. We are not talking going full-on 50 shades of grey, but, for example, the bride could try wearing some exotic lingerie every night.