How Much For A Trip To Greece - How Much Does It Cost to Visit Greece in 2021?

How Much For A Trip To Greece - How Much Does It Cost to Visit Greece in 2021?

Greece On A Budget: Vacation to Greece & The Cost To Travel To Greece

2021 is going to be a big year. It will probably be the year when we will take our lives back, or at least some important parts of them, after the Covid-19 Pandemic. What better way to wind down and relax after one of the weirdest and worst years in recent history than a vacation in a beautiful destination? Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This small country is famous for its many scenic islands and villages, its gorgeous beaches, its kind and welcoming people and of course for its tasty cuisine and vibrant lifetime. Greece will undoubtedly be the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people this year.
Apart from making most of us nervous wrecks and locking us in our homes for months, the pandemic also had an impact on most people’s bank accounts. Thousands of jobs were lost, and many saw their income shrink or even disappear because of Covid. This means that when it comes to summer holidays, cost REALLY matters. So, Greece might be a dream destination, but how expensive is a vacation there? Let us find out!

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Greece

Travel to Greece during the summer months is easy and relatively cheap. Since the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations, there are flights to various destinations in Greece – mainly islands and the two largest cities – from most major airports in a daily basis. Also, a lot of budget airlines also fly to Greece. In other words, getting to Greece should pose no problem at all.

Travel Around Greece By Train, Boat or Plane With Quite Cheap Tickets

What about transportation within the country? What if you would like to visit many destinations within the country during your stay there? You can easily get to practically anywhere in Greece from anywhere within the country during the summer months, especially if you intend to visit popular tourist destinations. Transportation within Greece either by train, boat or plane is frequent and quite cheap, so getting around the country should not cost you much.

Cheapest Places To Stay in Greece: Accomodation

There are literally thousands of hotels and “rooms to let” in Greece as well as Airbnbs. This is good news for people visiting the country because it practically means that they are guaranteed to find accommodation ideally suited to their needs and budget. You can find anything from five-star resort hotels and villas to quaint and cheap rooms and hostels practically anywhere within Greece. Just make sure to book your accommodation as soon as possible because finding a place to stay between mid-July and mid-August in the last moment, may prove to be all but impossible.

Cost Of Food In Greece: Food & Drinks

Of course, being on a vacation means that you will probably have to eat out a lot. When it comes to restaurants. Once again Greece has options for all budgets. There are of course restaurants ran by world-famous chefs and even Michelin star awarded exclusive restaurants in Athens, Thessaloniki and many islands including Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini - the country’s most famous and popular islands. However, one can find small restaurants offering delicious food at very reasonable prices. There are also a lot of cheap fast-food options available.
As far as night-clubs are concerned most of them will offer drinks at reasonable prices, in fact in some islands mostly visited by young party-loving travelers, such as Zante and Corfu, drinks can be really cheap. However, places such as Santorini and Mykonos are known for their luxurious and exclusive clubs, bars and beach bars and it goes without saying that drinking there is not cheap but then again, there is the chance that a famous footballer or fashion model may be drinking near you!
So, to summarize, a vacation in Greece can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. The options are endless, you just need to do a little homework and book your transportation and accommodation as fast as possible.