Best of Athens Private Full Day Sightseeing Tour
A unique way to see one of the most interesting cities in the world that has been charming visitors for centuries.

  • Athens Parthenon
    Athens Parthenon
  • Athens Acropolis
    Athens Acropolis
  • Athens Academy
    Athens Academy
  • Acropolis Museum
    Acropolis Museum
  • Athens Caryatides
    Athens Caryatides
  • Athens Evzones
    Athens Evzones
  • Temple of Zeus
    Temple of Zeus
  • Athens Plaka District
    Athens Plaka District
  • Plaka District
    Plaka District
Departures Daily. proposed time 08:00 (to avoid traffic and crowd at the archaeological sights)

The full day private tour in Athens is a unique way to see one of the most interesting cities in the world that has been charming visitors for centuries. Travelers who have taken this tour were more than satisfied because it presents Athens as it is: a magical place to visit.

The full day private tour in Athens includes a blend of historical and archaeological museums, sites and artifacts that cover the entire history of the city.

Highlights of the Best of Athens tour
  • An 8 hours private sightseeing tour in Athens
  • Visit the trademark of the city of Athens, the Acropolis of Athens with its Parthenon
  • Visit the New Museum of the Acropolis
  • Visit the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka and enjoy lunch in a Greek restaurant
Highly recommended for cruise passengers visiting Athens for a whole day or for several hours

The full-day tour includes a visit to the following sites in Athens:
The Acropolis, Parthenon, the Propylea of Athens, temple of Athena Nike, Hadrian’s Arch, The temple of Zeus, the Panathenean ancient Stadium, Plaka, the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Roman agora, Monastiraki, Thission, Keramikos, Constitution Square, House of Parliament, Unknown Soldier, the changing of the Guards, the new Acropolis Museum, Kolonaki district and Lycabettus hill.

Description of the private full-day tour in Athens

The private tour starts early morning from your hotel or any other place convenient to you, for example your cruise terminal.
Your driver will drive you towards Queen Amalia Avenue by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the House of the Parliament located at the famous Syntagma Square (Constitution Square). The Parliament house used to be the ex Royal Palace .

Then the private tour continues towards the Panathenian Stadium, which is also known as the Kallimarmaron Stadium, the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens.

The tour continues towards Panepistimiou Avenue where you can see the Catholic Cathedral of Athens and the Trilogy of Neoclassical Buildings of Athens.
The Academy of Athens, the Athens University and the National Library will definitely impress you with their aesthetics and architectural design.
At the end of Panepistimiou Avenue you will see the Omonoia Square, which is the second largest square of Athens after Syntagma.

The tour to Athens continues with a drive to the Temple of Zeus and the Hadrian’s Gate that blend the Ancient and Roman Era in Athens. The destination now is the crown of the city, the imposing Acropolis of Athens with its glorious Parthenon.
The Parthenon is the most characteristic example of classic architecture of the 5th century BC, constructed to house the immense statue of Goddess Athena, the protector Goddess of the city.
You will get to see the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike and the temple of the Erectheion that is mostly known due to the statues of the Caryatides, the Porch of Maidens.
You can enjoy the amazing vista to the entire city of Athens, along with the surrounding mountains and you will allow your sight to reach the shores of Athens and the famous port of Piraeus.

Once you descend from the Acropolis, you have the chance to visit the New Museum of the Acropolis that is built at the feet of the Sacred Rock and admire the marbles of the Parthenon and an impressive collection of artifacts and relics found on the Acropolis during the excavations.
Later on, the private tour will drive you through Plaka, the picturesque quarter of the city, where you can see lovely little shops with handmade crafts and gifts, the Ancient Agora of Athens where the philosophers and orators of Athens used to present their views and Roman agora.
The full day tour to Athens will also give you the chance to get a glimpse of modern Athens as well, visiting the fish and meat market in downtown Athens and walking by the Monastiraki market, which is the famous flea market of the city.

However, a visit to Athens is never complete if you do not get to taste the famous Greek cuisine; the tour will take you to a traditional Athenian restaurant or tavern, where you can indulge to the colors and flavors of the most known Greek dishes.

Finally, you will enjoy the breathtaking views from Lycabettus Hill, which is the highest hill in the city of Athens, to take some spectacular pictures and an image of the entire city in your hearts and minds.
Finishing the private tour in Athens, your driver will drop you at your hotel, your cruise terminal or any other place you want in Athens.