Santorini Caldera Cruise

  • Santorini Caldera Cruise
    Sail from the old port of Fira
  • Santorini Caldera Cruise
    View of the caldera from the ferry
  • Santorini Caldera Cruise
    Walk on the Volcano
  • Santorini Caldera Cruise
    Ammoudi bay in Ia
11:30 - 17:30
Euro 45 per person

At first, our boat stops on the little dock of the famous Volcano, where we will walk towards the top of the island. While walking, our experienced guide talks about the intense volcanic activity of the last 3000 years! The crater still seems active, as hot fumes are released in many points!
Santorini Hot SpringsNext, we are heading to the Hot Springs, where we will make a 50-minute stop for swimming in the sulphur springs of the volcano. Another major proof of the strong volcanic activity still today, Hot Springs have beneficial effects against rheumatisms, arthritis and other diseases.

The island of Thirasia is our final destination, where we will stay 2 hours for swimming and lunch. Thirasia is a small, very picturesque island, ideal choice for nice walks, swimming and lunch in the little port of Korfos or in the traditional village Manolas.

On the way back, the boat stops just for a few minutes in the port of Armeni in Oia. If you wish, you can leave the group here and visit the village of Oia , famous for its breathtaking sunset. The red stones of lava along with caves, numerous churches and multi-coloured houses are the ultimate challenge for every single photographer... In the night you can return to your hotel by the public transportation or by taxi.

In case you continue your trip to the Old Port of Fira or to the Athinios Port, you will have a great way back, as the boat sails very close to the coast of the Caldera!